The Basic Principles of a Misting System

While the concept of misting systems is several decades old, there is no denying that only very few people know how they work. For one, a misting system benefits residential, commercial, as well as industrial settings, and you probably have seen a misting fan before. If you are not sure, then think about those large fans in a concert you recently went or some sporting event.

The idea behind a misting system is simple: you try to cool down an outdoor environment using an electric fan while putting a wet cloth over your head. What happens is the process of evaporative cooling. Whether it is a standard or industrial misting fan, the same concept or process applies. It takes advantage of evaporative cooling in which the liquid evaporates and affords the physical effect of cooling the air within a specified range — in complex systems, drawing a certain level of atmospheric heat for the evaporation of liquid results to dramatic cooling effects.

Taking advantage of the cooling effects of a misting system starts with water. Therefore, it is fair to say that you never will achieve the objective of cooling an outdoor space without the benefit of water. The truth is there is no such thing as evaporation without a liquid substance or form like that of water.

For instance, the way an industrial misting fan works is that it relies on a high-pressure pump to create an upward pressure of water measured in a thousand or more PSI or pounds per square inch. The water gets pushed through tiny nozzles, thereby effectively restricting the outward flow. As a result, the fan creates a fine, thin mist.

When water interacts with the hot air outside, the droplets will evaporate, pulling the heat energy in the area and effectively creating a comfortable zone. The area covered by the mist will transform, making people within its reach to feel comfortable. The idea behind incorporating a fan is to have something that helps in blowing the cold air and mist for as big an area as possible.

Today, anyone can buy  high-quality misting fans for residential, commercial, or even industrial use. You can also go for a professional-grade electric fan that comes with the system. It can create a mist with a minimal amount of moisture, evaporating once it touches a solid surface. It will create a similar feeling to that when you go outside on a foggy morning, and you feel that coolness touching your skin. Know that modern misting systems these days come equipped with filters to ensure there are no impurities in the water. While you rely on your traditional air conditioning system to keep your indoor space comfortable in the summer, the misting fan will do its job in an outdoor setting.