Why You Should Use a Pressure Pump With Tank for Your Rainwater System

If you’ve managed to install a rainwater harvesting system, you’ll know that one of the most critical things to pair it with is a good pressure pump that will transport all the water from the tank into your home. While there are sophisticated pump pressure systems out there, a lesser known option that you might want to try is a pressure pump with a tank system.


How Pressure Tanks Work

Pressure tanks function by reserving an amount of pressurised water that can be accessed at different points throughout your property whenever you need it. These tanks are often made from polyethylene plastic or aluminium metal. The interior is a flexible membrane that divides into two sections – the top portion is filled with compressed air, while the bottom is where rainwater is pumped in.



As the water slowly fills your pressure tank, it will compress the air in the top section, which produces pressure. What happens next is that air pressurises the water in the entire system. That way, when you turn on your tap, the system will deliver water instantly.


When the pressure tank is empty, the compressed air will keep the remaining water under pressure. That way, you won’t have to refill it until it’s almost empty. It’s only at this moment when your power pump starts again and refills the pressure tank with fresh rainwater.


The Usefulness of a Water Pump System

In a rainwater system with a standalone pressure pump with the tank, every time you turn it on, the pump powers on to push the water through the pipes and into your system. This process will cause a minor delay by a period of low pressure until the pump starts to push enough water into the system to build the pressure. With a pressure tank, your rainwater is ready and waiting. It’s already pressurised to reduce any delay and make the entire operation efficient as ever.

So as you can see, a pressure pump with a tank works perfectly alongside your rainwater gathering system. Through its continuous process, you will gain pressurised water in an instant without having to wait for any potential delays. The entire system works simultaneously and efficiently. That way, it can guarantee That you won’t have to wait for when your water is pumped.


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