For most parents, a child who experiences difficulties in reading is not an issue that warrants the need for a speech therapist. It’s hard to blame them since most people believe that clinical speech therapy Adelaide is exclusively for kids who suffer from stutters, lisps, and problems with sounds. It is true that speech therapists are experts in speech-related issues, but they aren’t limited to that; in fact, you can take advantage of their expertise if your child has a problem with spoken and written language, particularly auditory processing disorder, dyspraxia, and dyslexia.


The concept of speech therapy is to help young people learn to speak clearly. Growing up is a struggle for those who lack the confidence to mingle with other kids, especially if they have language and speech issues. With the help of therapy, they will learn how to catch up and become more confident in multiple facets, including academics, emotional state, and social skills.



Speech therapy may incorporate different strategies, with each one designed to address the problem and help each child overcome the challenge. The approach we are talking about include but not limited to:


1 – Language Intervention


Activities highlighted by language intervention intended to help kids build skills include that of modelling and providing feedback to their actions. The therapist, for the most part, will use books and photos as well as play-based therapy. There also are language drills intended to practice or evaluate the skills the kids learned over time.


2 – Articulation Therapy


Clinical speech therapy Adelaide also involves modelling the sounds that a child has difficulty comprehending. The job requires that the therapist demonstrates the proper way of moving the tongue to produce the desired sound.


3 – Feeding and Swallowing Therapy


In feeding and swallowing therapy, the speech therapist will teach the child a bunch of exercises intended to strengthen the muscles of the mouth. It usually includes that of tongue, lip, and jaw exercises as well as facial massage. There are instances when the therapist will use various food textures, the purpose of which is to encourage awareness while eating and swallowing.


If your child has reading issues like that of dyslexia, he or she can also benefit from speech therapy in ways you never imagined. For instance, the therapist will help your child hear and discover sounds in words. The idea is to help your young one in improving his or her reading comprehension skills and allow them to develop a liking for reading.


As a responsible parent, you must acknowledge that speech therapy will benefit your children early in their lives. There is proof that preschool kids with language and speech problems who underwent speech therapy showed substantial improvement in language skills. So, if you want your child to keep up and have a bright future ahead, you should acknowledge the need to work with a speech therapist.