Feeling a little brave and ready to scale some heights? Don’t go rock climbing, climb up to the top of your roof and install DIY Gutter Guards at diygutterguardkitsonline.com.au instead! It’s a weekend warrior project that will surely earn you some big points from your loved ones! Look at the value the simple task of installing gutter guards like gutter mesh can do to your home and you, as the resident handyman!


Eliminates the need to clean gutters


Fall is just around the corner, and soon there will leaves blowing as well as twigs and branches finding a landing spot on your roof and clogging your gutters. Before the rain comes, your gutters need to be cleaned to allow its free flow.



Prevent water damage to your home


Water will find other channels of escape if your gutters are clogged – it will seep into your roof and soon enough you will leak into your ceiling.


Seal out pests


Vermin, mosquitoes, snakes, frogs and birds are likely to occupy your roof rent-free as clogged gutters become an excellent habitat for pests.


Improve the quality and amount of your rainwater collection

In areas where the collection of water is necessary, you can help out your filtration system by eliminating debris that otherwise will get collected if you do not have gutter guards.


Reduce the risks brought on by of bush fire


Debris in your gutters are excellent kindling – a small spark from a bush fire nearby can lead to an engulfing fire where you can lose everything.


Extend the life of your gutters


By keeping your gutters dry, you are extending their life as it is one way of making your gutters corrosion-proof.


Reduce dangerous cleaning of gutters


Never again will you need to climb up to your roof and put yourself in precarious positions and risks for fall.


Are you convinced you need to install gutter guards for your home’s roof? Well, before you order DIY gutter guards at diygutterguardkitsonline.com.au, follow these essential steps to get the right fit and the right material for your roof.


  1. With a tape measure, get the length of your gutters and valleys to determine how many linear metres of gutter mesh you’ll need. Note that you’ll need separate mesh for your gutters and valleys.
  2. Determine what colour gutter mesh would best match your roof. Generally, it is best to match the mesh to the colour of your roof and match the fixing/trim to the colour of gutters.
  3. Know what type of roof you have (a Corrugated Metal Roof or a Tiled Roof). The Gutter Mesh you’ll need will depend on the type of roof you have.


So, there you have it. Master weekend warriors like yourself know the importance of installing gutter guards on your roof. Order your DIY gutter guards at diygutterguardkitsonline.com.au now. Find out if they are currently offering rebates and specials. Good luck on your gutter guard project!