The glass windows at home undergo constant wear and tear. They protect you and your property from outdoor elements and the weather, especially the scorching heat of the sun. Like all components and parts of the house, the windows eventually show signs of deterioration and damage. When that time comes, you certainly want to settle for a glass repair Adelaide instead of a replacement, knowing all too well that it’ll cost you more to replace the windows when you still can fix them.



The thing with many homeowners is that they do not usually pay attention to the signs that the glass windows need repair right away. Well, the primary reason is that they are not familiar with those signs. So, if you want to avert a disaster of having broken windows or covering for an expensive replacement job, the first thing you must do is learn the signs of a glass window that needs fixing. Find out more about those signs by reading this article.


1 – Water starts penetrating through the windows.


The most obvious sign that your glass windows have a problem is when water enters your interior space during the rain. While you think that rain cannot cause any damage to the glass, the truth is it will result in the build-up of mould and crack in the windows and walls. Therefore, you cannot ignore it. Fortunately, you can solve the problem by calling an expert in glass repair Adelaide to evaluate and come up with a solution.


2 – You find it difficult to open or close the windows.


Another sign that something needs fixing on your windows is when you find it harder than usual to close or open them. When a part of your windows is difficult to close or open, it will result in energy loss since the heat or cold air from the inside finds an escape route to the outside. So, if you see that the windows do not close or open conveniently, it is time to call in the professionals to have it fixed as soon as possible.


3 – You notice your energy bills are getting higher.


When windows malfunction, one of the tell-tale signs is high energy bills. The reason why you must face the consequence of paying a high utility bill this month is that you ignored the small issues like cracks on the window glass or gaps in the panes. If you want to avert another expensive bill next month, find a way to call someone to have your window issues fixed sooner than later.


4 – The windows are foggy.


Lastly, if you notice that the windows frequently get foggy, it is indicative of a problem that’s about to become severe if you don’t do anything. Foggy windows suggest that there are gaps that allow the air to leak. Foggy windows are inefficient, which means you need to call someone to assess if there is a chance to fix it or if they need replacement.