Australians love to on road trips, especially during the summer months. You probably are one of the millions of people out there who dream of taking a break by taking on long travels on your car. But before you could do that, you first must have a decent and well-conditioned vehicle to brave the long road ahead. The last thing you desire is getting stuck in the middle of nowhere because your car suddenly overheats.

Volkswagen Service Adelaide For you to be called a responsible driver and car owner, you must adhere to the unwritten general rules of vehicle maintenance. It does not mean you are compelled to do complicated stuff like fixing an overheating or knocking engine or replacing the shock absorbers. There are basic things that every car owner must at least understand about maintenance, the purpose of which is to avoid having to go to a Volkswagen Service Adelaide even for the simplest tasks like refilling the coolant tank.

Mind Your Tyre Pressure

Many so-called experts will start by teaching you how to monitor the oil and coolant levels on your engine bay. However, we believe that learning how to monitor tyre pressure is as equally important. You’re lucky to own and drive a modern vehicle with an onboard tyre pressure monitoring system, but if your car does not have that feature, then you should feel responsible in figuring out how to do it. You never should drive your vehicle in long distances if there isn’t enough or if there is too much air pressure. Both scenarios not only will affect fuel consumption but might also put you at risk of blown or flat tyres, causing inconvenience and delay.

Be Wary of the Warning and Indicator Lights

If you’re a relatively new driver, you probably do not pay that much attention to the blinking or flashing lights on your dashboard. You think they won’t cause you any trouble and they probably will go away after a few minutes. Be reminded that even if you have a new car, those lights serve a purpose – which is to warn you of something that spells trouble. So, the next time you see a warning light, especially the one that tells you to check your engine, then take your vehicle to a Volkswagen Service Adelaide immediately. Don’t wait for a severe problem to come out of it. For all you know, it could only be an issue with the sensor.

Take Oil Changes Seriously

One of the most critical aspects of vehicle maintenance is an oil change. If you look at your warranty booklet or service passport, you will see that the manufacturer of your vehicle wants you to commit to regular intervals for an oil change. All you must do is follow the rules, and you won’t have a problem concerning dirty oil and the lack of fluids in your engine and other components.