Speech Pathology is constantly ranked among the top fields to apply for a job in today’s medical field. It is the only division available online and allows its graduates to work as a physician practising speech pathology. Speech pathology is immensely rewarding since you can help patients and their families and positively impact their lives and their patients. Therefore, there is an unlimited amount of career opportunities available.

Adelaide Speech PathologyPatients generally require speech pathology services when experiencing problems with swallowing, breathing, talking or laughing. For example, this service is usually required in children after a dental procedure where braces or other devices are being used to help the child talk correctly. Speech therapies are also commonly required during physical therapy treatments in rehabilitation. These services encourage patients to speak to better control their injuries, deformities or other issues that affect speech. Speech pathology can be performed alone or in groups depending on the patient’s needs and the type of speech therapy provided.

Adelaide Speech Pathology involves diagnosing, treating, and preventing various speech disorders and conditions that affect approximately 5% of the population. Speech Pathology deals with a wide range of disorders, including throat, esophageal, larynx and pharyngeal disorders. Speech Pathology can be performed on infants, toddlers and adults. Infants and toddlers require special care due to their delicate condition and need to be monitored closely. Speech Pathology can also evaluate newborn babies and children who have suffered from congenital anomalies, acquired languages or other language disabilities.

Children and teenagers suffering from conditions such as those listed above should be referred to a Speech Pathologist. Speech Pathology involves several techniques and specialty areas such as throat, esophageal, larynx and pharyngeal disorders. For example, a young infant who has trouble breathing or swallowing must be referred to a Speech Pathologist. Common conditions requiring early intervention include sleep apnea, airway, adenoid, tonsillar, laryngeal, and ocular. Other speech-related problems that are best treated early include fluency problems, stuttering and vocal nodules. Speech Pathology can also help diagnose and treat asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, and other voice problems.

Early diagnosis of these conditions allows early intervention and the development of an effective speech pathology treatment plan that addresses the problem. In addition, Phonak’s award-winning dysphagia therapy program can be life-changing for infants and toddlers suffering from dysphagia therapy. The dysphagia therapy program is designed to address the emotional and physical factors that can cause the problem. It can also help improve the ability of an infant or toddler to gain the necessary nutrients through early feeding sessions.


Feeding issues can be prevented in many cases by coordinating speech therapy with bottle feeding and solid food feeding. Phonak’s award-winning dysphagia therapy program also incorporates an infant speech pathology program to address the difficulties associated with toddlers and infants with feeding issues. For example, in some cases, the child may eat a meal without assistance, but this often is not due to ongoing difficulty swallowing. An infant speech pathology specialist can help identify the problem and develop an appropriate treatment plan.