Having lost its ‘70s image, no modern parent is without a baby carrier these days. Check out these baby carrier benefits – no more pushing the stroller through the urban jungle, fumbling with straps, buckles, or having your child on a leash. Baby carriers leave your hands free to continue doing some work while the baby is asleep.

Baby Carriers BenefitsA suitable baby carrier will reduce back strain and should allow several different transport positions. It must be fully adjustable for a good fit, and it must be designed to be long-lasting so that it grows as your baby grows. Check the maximum weight you will carry, and if mom is looking to breastfeed discreetly – this will influence the type you buy.

The baby carriers come in a variety of beautiful designs, from 100% soft cotton fabrics to thicker nylon for those who refuse to let their spirit of adventure die. The range of baby carriers in the market is broad, so decide in advance where you will use the carrier and for how long each day.

You should look for one that has an adjustable harness to be able to hold your child safely and quickly. Because the comfort of you and your child is so important, you should also look for a sleeping cushion and harness padding, as well as a padded hip belt and good shoulder straps that offer strong support for the baby. If your little one is up to it, try some before buying.

You could go for a baby sling; these are still popular, as they have proven useful for many centuries. The sling is a traditional style baby carrier with the baby pressed against his forehead/chest. With a sling, you usually get two loops of cloth to slide over your shoulders, and then adjust to fit and then snap into place. When unused, slings can be folded to take up very little space in a bag, while some even become practical shopping bags! The slings are simple and often cheaper than the back wraps but tend to be only useful for children from zero to 24 month.

These are useful since you can put children to bed without having to take everything off. With some, you can also place the baby directly in the car seat, as these carriers have slots in the back to fit the seat belts for safe driving. When you get to your destination, baby and everything can be hooked directly back, and you’re ready to go again.

Once you start looking around, you will be surprised at other baby carriers benefits not mentioned above such as phone and key pockets, sunshades and even rear-view mirrors.