When we speak about environmental conservation, the most talked and advertised effort these days is recycling. But it is sad to know that even though everyone understands it, yet, only a few can be considered as proponents. Perhaps, they do not have adequate knowledge or information about its influence on the environment, that is why they still don’t exercise plastic bottle collecting/recycling Adelaide.

bottle collecting/recycling AdelaideIn this article, we will discuss how recycling will transform your plastic waste into different valuable products.

Plastic Containers

Those bottles and containers used for shampoo, milk, laundry soap and household cleaners are lightweight but durable. They are generally well-made from a distinct type of plastic than those of beverage bottles. They can be re-process and make new bottles and containers, plastic lumber, lawn furniture, picnic tables, playground paraphernalia, recycling bins and a lot more.

Bags and Wraps

To carry our groceries home, we make use of plastic bags. They help in keeping our bread and other food fresh. In almost everything we buy; we use plastic bags. These days, there are hundreds of thousands of grocery and retail stores who collect these bags for recycling. Keep in mind that wherever places we are, we also can recycle a lot of the plastic wraps that protect the items we purchase.

Once plastic bag and wraps are recycled, they can make into plastic lumber which is used to create park benches, fences, and backyard decks as well as playground equipment. Also, you can recycle them into new plastic bags – and then recycled again repeating the process.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles for soft drinks, water, and juice do not just destroy. However, they can turn into lots of things with the help of plastic bottle collecting/recycling Adelaide. Among those things are t-shirts, fleece jackets, sweaters, insulation for jackets, carpeting, and sleeping bags and more containers. It requires about 12-17 bottles to have ample plastic fibre to make a pair of shorts or a t-shirt.

To make enough insulation for a ski jacket, you need only 16 bottles and about 115 bottles to make sufficient insulation for a sleeping bag.

Bottle Caps

Plastic caps on bottles help in keeping your soda fizzy and away from a mess like insects and dirt. Bottle caps use a distinct type of plastic than of the containers. Before throwing the bottles in the recycling bins, make sure that you put the caps back on the bottles for factories can still recycle them into car batteries, storage bins, garden rakes, eco-friendly shopping bags, brooms, yarn, ropes, and more bottle caps.

Foam Packaging

Plastic foam packaging consists of more than 80% air. They are well- designed to cushions your TV set and protects your video game console as they move from the factory to the store to your home. New recycling programs can take foam wraps or packaging and convert them into plastic goods such as insulation, building products for your home, picture frames and many more.