A building-inspection is generally an inspection done by a qualified building inspector who is either employed by a city, town or county and is typically licensed in one or more fields qualifying them to make an expert judgment regarding whether a particular building meets local building regulations. These inspectors are required by law to keep on file a list of all of their inspections.


Many companies offer their building-inspection service in person, via phone or online. Some inspection services provide the ability to view the inspection report online for a fee. In contrast, others offer their services as a package deal with one inspection delivered to your doorstep.


There are two types of inspectors; those who have professional qualifications and those who do not. Inspectors that have professional qualifications are those whose job it is to review the construction details of a building prior to its opening, and those who are highly experienced in this industry and can make an unbiased assessment of whether or not the construction details conform to local building codes. On the other hand, an inspector with no professional qualifications will have no experience and may not be able to ascertain whether or not the construction details conform to local building codes.


The inspection report that is produced following the completion of the inspection is a public record, which is accessible to anyone who needs to obtain it. This document is also available in PDF format and may also be used as a reference in litigation.


Many inspectors provide building-inspection service on a contract basis. In these cases, the inspector submits his or her credentials, along with their completed report and fee, to the contracting company in exchange for the assurance that they will examine the structure if requested. Contractors often use a team of trained inspectors to perform this task. This saves both parties money and valuable time.


In most instances, building inspectors are paid on a monthly or annual basis for their inspection service. This service is often offered for residential, commercial or industrial property. Many building inspectors also provide services for a fee to individuals or businesses who desire a more specialized inspection.


Because of the variety of services available from different inspection services, individuals interested in hiring an inspector should do some comparison shopping before committing. Because different inspectors are likely to offer a slightly different range of services, one inspection service may not be suitable for the needs of another.


To make a wise decision when seeking an inspection service, take the time to research all of the options and determine what is best for your individual needs. Additionally, make sure that the service you choose has been recommended to you by a trusted source.