A brilliant new no-poo cleanser made specifically to act as a good, no-poo, rinse-dry-style shampoo to gently clean and condition the hair without lathering up. Hydrate your curls with the Clever Curl Cleanser by HairGang for instant, brilliant results. Beautify your natural curls with

Clever Curl cleanserThe Clever Curl Cleanser by HairGang, a unique, all-natural formula that cleans and conditions without creating any residue. Compounds included in this product may be absorbed by alternative methods such as salons or by directly applied to the skin.

This unique all-natural curls cleanser will leave your locks soft and shiny. It is a wonderful way to make your curls appear straight with the help of the all-natural Clever Curl cleanser. It’s also a great and efficient way to naturally clean and hydrate your hair and keep them from being frizzy. With no-poo, you’ll be able to use it gently to clean your hair without using any shampoo at all, saving even more money.

The all-natural curl cleanser will gently clean and moisturize the hair, leaving it shiny and ready to style. The gentle cleanser contains an impressive assortment of vitamins, including Vitamin B complex, Manganese, and Vitamin C. These help build healthy hair, making this particular all-natural curl cleanser an effective treatment for dry and damaged hair. The no-poo or “medicated” curl cleanser is a fantastic alternative for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on buying hair products such as conditioners or who just want to give their curls some moisture. In addition to all of the vitamins, the no-poo contains a variety of helpful herbs. For example, a variety of herbs have been shown to help treat hair loss, including horsetail and nettle. Other ingredients in the no-poo include green tea and aloe vera.

As with all-natural products, there are a few things to look out for when using them. The first is that you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that all-natural products are automatically vegan-friendly. A small number of products contain animal products – including milk and eggs – and some are worse for the hair than others. However, this doesn’t mean that all vegan-friendly hair products are bad for the hair; rather, you have to carefully read each product’s label. The Clever Curl Cleanser by HairGang is one such example.