Colour laser printers offer reliability and high-speed printing to discriminating users in businesses, small offices, and home offices. While they are perfect for people who want their documents with quality colour, laser printers excel in network settings which allow multiple users to take advantage of their diverse capabilities such as high-speed printing and duplexing.


How do you put a price on these advantages? Here are some tips for studying before you buy a Copy World Colour Printers Adelaide laser printer.


What Will You Print?


The decision to invest in a colour laser printer depends mainly on what you’re printing. If you want to print graphics or text on plain paper, or you need to print a lot, and you need to print quickly, a colour laser is your best solution. If you want a colour photo printer, buy an inkjet printer. There are many good models on the market, with crisp, clean image quality. Colour lasers can print photos, of course, but the image quality is lower in most cases than an inkjet printer. Most of these machines can print pie charts, logos, colour bars and simple graphics, but they have problems when it comes to photographic images.


Cost to Purchase


Most good quality colour laser printers work in the $300 or more range and are generally larger and heavier than most typical inkjet printers. They are also a more significant investment than standard inkjet or monochrome laser printers and require more space to operate. Additionally, many Copy World Colour Printers Adelaide laser printers come with more extended warranties. However, the price of a colour laser printer is inversely related to its speed, which means the lower the printer price, the longer it will take when printing.


Maintenance Cost


Colour printers are harder to maintain because they have four toner colours and four drums (one for each colour) to replace, unlike a monochrome laser that only has a single drum. It also means more parts to take up space in the office supplies cabinet!



Two-Sided Printing Capability


Duplex printing means the ability to print on both sides of the page, a handy feature for users who want to maximise speed and efficiency. Besides, printing on both sides of a page ultimately saves you money on paper. Additionally, colour laser printers generally cost less per page to print than their inkjet counterparts; they’re also more environmentally friendly that way as well.


Print Speed and Quality


When considering a colour laser printer, there are two key factors to consider: the speed and quality of the text. Colour laser printers print between 15 and 25 pages of texts per minute. As for print quality, nothing can beat a quality colour laser printer from the vast array available at Copy World Colour Printers Adelaide.