Over the years in the bespoke wardrobe business industry, various wardrobe and fitted furniture have been installed into various sorts of spaces across Australia. Hinged wardrobe doors are known as the number one option for most Aussies and with good reason! There are many reasons to love hinged doors. Here are five good examples of why you should give in to the all-time trend.


1.) Get Full Access to Your Entire Wardrobe All at Once


When it comes to dressing up for an occasion, we sometimes can’t decide what goes with what. If you have a considerable fashion collection, then hinged wardrobe doors will work wonders for you. Now your wardrobe can swing open for you to feast on your entire collection and take advantage of every piece of clothing you have. Most of the time, the garments that aren’t seen tend to be overlooked. With a hinged door, you can now put your attention on all your clothes.


2.) Fit Your Wardrobes into Any Space


With hinged doors, you can essentially position your wardrobe in any space. Try using sliding doors on the sloping ceilings or an attic room and see how much of a nightmare it is. With a hinged wardrobe door, you can open those awkward corners, reducing any ‘dead space’ inside your room.


3.) Get A Few Hidden Extra Benefits


Using a hinged door will give you the opportunity to choose to have a hidden mirror or a poster of your favourite band placed on the inside of your door. That means you can essentially give your wardrobe an aesthetic boost or some added functionality.


4.) Very Easy to Clean


Cleaning a sliding door is going to give you a hard time; whereas hinged wardrobe doors will provide you with convenience. Just swing your door open, and you now have access to the other side of the door to clean. It’s straightforward, easy, and effortless to clean that you won’t even have to exert much effort to get it done.


5.) Suites A Wide Range of Interior Design


Finally, hinged doors are incredibly versatile that it can suit anyone’s taste. While sliding doors have the sleek and modern edge, it doesn’t have the advantage that hinged wardrobe has – it’s both traditional and contemporary. A simple move like changing the door handles can be more than enough to switch up the style and make it complement with your entire room design.


Switch to Hinged Doors Now!



Unless you have a specific reason why you went for sliding doors (small spaces, for example), you should switch to hinged wardrobe doors now. It offers a lot more benefits and can give you the best wardrobe experience. Purchase a hinged-door wardrobe online! Visit our website today.