Physiotherapy plays an active and vital role in restoring the proper movements of anyone who has suffered muscle damage from illness, poor posture, or exercise. A qualified physiotherapist from the Inertia Health Group can treat a wide range of disorders, including headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder pain, arm and hand pain, back pain, sciatica, pain in the hip and groin, knee and foot pain as well as associated tingling symptoms, numbness or weakness.


Physiotherapy (sometimes called physio) is a scientifically proven method for prescribing and/or performing specific exercises, manual therapy and manipulation, among other techniques. The therapist can suggest exercises to perform at home or at the gym. The treatment aims to rehabilitate your pain for the long-term recovery of your condition.


While most people consult a physio Adelaide when they experience pain because of the above, the therapist will tend to take a holistic approach when diagnosing the problem and suggesting treatment.

Back pain is one of many problems typically treated by physiotherapists. The pain may have been caused by a particular habit, or behaviour, such as lifting a heavy object. However, the therapist will seek to mitigate the cause of the pain immediately. He or she will provide lasting pain relief of this area by examining the posture of an individual and all hereditary affections of the spine, as well as how the patient lifted objects.


When you are also trying to relieve a condition, there is no fixed technique for strengthening a body area. Instead, it is a combination of therapeutic approaches designed to achieve the desired result.


These will be based on the specific problem encountered, but will often involve a routine of exercises that will be repeated at regular intervals. These usually coincide with other types of exercises that involve high or low mobility, depending on the problem of an individual.


In addition to exercise and movement techniques, physiotherapists use a set of standard treatments for the benefit of blood circulation, reducing the fluid in which they accumulate, and as a relaxation technique. Technologies such as massage have also been shown to be beneficial for pain relief in conditions such as chronic low back pain.


There are physiotherapists who, in addition to manual and movement techniques, specialising in areas such as acupuncture and ultrasound for deep tissue injuries.


In the end, physiotherapists do not fit easily into a specific category because of their holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. The benefits of physiotherapy have been widely accepted by most general practitioners, especially for people suffering from sports injuries or long-term chronic illnesses. In such ailments, pain relief is the only medicine available.



Many people are referred to the Inertia Health Group by their primary care physician for physiological treatment.