A land surveyor is much more than that person who stands near the road with a staff and a tripod. Land Surveyors Adelaide is more than just people who make estimates and show you the exact boundaries of your property. These people are precision measurement makes, which can also be liege l arbiters of where the boundary lines of your property should fall. Land surveying companies like StateSurveys.com.au feature surveyors that have a range of expertise from mathematics to the law to the knowledge on high-tech software and equipment. Many people hire land surveyors without even knowing what they exactly do. That’s why in this article, we’re going to enlighten people who are wondering what a land surveyor can do for them precisely.


What Does a Land Surveyor Do?


A land surveyor is a person who performs the measurements that are required for building a map of a particular area. While they can also work in the office, they’re mostly found in the field. However, it will depend on the type of task they will undertake for the day. Here are some crucial points to ponder when it comes to knowing what land surveyors do:


  • Land surveyors work with sophisticated field equipment like theodolites, high-order GPS, and aerial or terrestrial scanners.
  • Land surveyors make calculations, as well as take images, to help serve as supporting evidence.
  • Land surveyors use software or application solutions such as auto-CAD to create and draft plans, as well as map measurements.


The land surveyors at StateSurveys.com.au, for instance, work for more than just developers. They also survey mining interests, major construction, and tunnel building. Not only do they take measurements of the land, but they can also be expert consultants for developers, engineers, architects, and designers. Land surveyors are also up-to-date with the changes in property law, as well as communicate clearly with their valued clients.


Skills Set of a Land Surveyor


Land surveyors require a variety of different skills for them to get the job done. These skills include the following:


  • Communication skills – always an essential ability to have when communicating with clients and creating reports.
  • Detail-oriented; excellent attention to details – surveying land is quite tedious. Every number needs to be precise and accurate.
  • Physical stamina – since they’re spending a lot of time outdoors, land surveyors need to have the physical strength to endure the gruelling heat or cold.
  • Problem-solving skills – in any circumstance, a land surveyor needs to have quick thinking when it comes to solving problems and issues that are getting in the way.
  • Time management skills – some land surveys have a time frame. That’s why land surveyors need to be able to know how to manage their time correctly.
  • Excellent visualization skills – land surveyors need to be able to see how a new building or alter terrain will affect the surrounding area.


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