From simple kitchenware to oil refinery tanks, alloyed steel has become a household name for a wide variety of applications in the modern era. Metals such as the HY80 and HY100 are useful in many different industries. However, they aren’t created equally. So, before you choose a steel material at your local #1 steel supplies Adelaide centre, always consider what qualities you’re looking for. The following are some of the potential characteristics that you should keep in mind.


Corrosion Resistance


For marine equipment, kitchenware, or any other tools that come in contact with water, having alloyed steel that’s corrosion-resistant is key. If you’re choosing steel, for this reason, make sure it’s fabricated separately from other more corrosion-prone materials. Stainless steel 304, for instance, is the most commonly used grade of stainless steel. It could be compromised when mixed with different types of metals.


Pressure and Heat Resistance


This quality is essential for those who are in the energy industry, as well as people who love drinking hot beverages. Consider the extreme temperatures that metal will need to withstand while processing gas and oil. For industries such as this one, it’s best to find a #1 steel supplies Adelaide centre that sells a highly heat-resistant steel composition.




Depending on the other elements that are combined with a steel alloy, there are certain materials that weld better than others. Always be mindful of alloys that contain carbon as these are more prone to damages such as cracking during the welding process. Welding HY-grade steels such as the HY80 is recommended as it’s known as the best option to use for welding processes.


Impact Resistance



If you’re selecting materials for any military, marine, and transportation industry purposes, it’s especially crucial to prioritise impact resistance in your search for the ideal steel alloy. You’ll want to find steel allow that will not dent easily during a collision. Strength properties may vary in different temperatures, so be sure to cross-check temperature and impact resistance specification when considering several steel alloys.


When selecting the right steel allow at your local #1 steel supplies Adelaide centre, always cross-reference your priorities. Are certain elements more prone to breaking when placed under pressure? Will weldability be compromised during cold temperatures? If you have these types of questions, be sure to ask the manufacturer or supplier before making a purchase. For more steel-buying tips, consult with our professional team.