Outdoor kitchens have become more popular these days in Adelaide than ever. If you’re planning to build a minimalist outdoor space for your cooking or baking sessions, Jag Kitchens will help you achieve whatever it is you have in mind for the design.


What are the latest minimalist trends in the outdoor kitchen segment?


  1. All-White Plan


Many homeowners in Adelaide have already tried this option. It is proven to be a top minimalist choice among homeowners who don’t have children. Why? White-themed homes need more maintenance than those with colour. If you and your partner aren’t planning to have kids sometime soon, an all-white outdoor kitchen will suit you best.


  1. Grass Highlight


Instead of adding too many furniture pieces for your outdoor kitchen, ask your Jag Kitchens contractor if you a large patch of grass can be retained on the flooring of the table-and-chair set. The rest of the flooring slabs on your kitchen can then be made of stones or other nature-inspired material.


  1. Green and White


Mix and match greens with a white backdrop for your outdoor cooking space. For example, you can add tall and skinny plants if there is a wall in the area. Have your contractor install built-in benches on the wall and have these benches painted white. The green and white shades on your kitchen will make for a perfect nature-minimalist setup.


  1. Black Furniture Sets


If you want to have more furniture sets on the space, why not go for black? The dark hue will blend well with a marble countertop. For instance, you can have black-coloured appliances and cupboards, as well as black chairs. Go for a dirty-white flooring that will bring some life into your minimalist kitchen. You can also attempt to go all-black but make sure you have at least white lighting or a contrast wall that keep the space from looking too gloomy.


  1. Grey Appliances


If you’re someone who wants to retain a neutral minimalist appearance for the outdoor kitchen, it is best to go for grey colours for your appliances. Stick with a grey palette, but don’t hesitate to mix and match the main shade with darker or lighter hues.


  1. Fireplace over Display


Instead of placing a lot of figurines or furniture on the outdoor cooking space, you may want to consider a fireplace to serve as the highlight of your kitchen. Ask your kitchen expert to build a fireplace that will grab the attention of guests to complement the lack of display in your minimalist space.


Isn’t it amazing that even for outdoor spaces, you can go for a minimalist look? Consult with an expert today and transform your cooking space!