While you may only have heard of a podiatrist just recently, you should know that this individual plays a crucial role in the health care industry. The podiatrist is the one who handles the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of any condition related to the human feet, including the lower leg and ankles. The branch of medicine which covers foot-related issues is known as podiatry Adelaide – thesapodiatryclinic.com.au, and while it sounds unfamiliar to most people, the truth is that it is a registered as well as a regulated health profession.


When you visit a podiatrist one of these days, the first thing that usually happens is that the expert will talk to you about your foot condition or injury, specifically connecting your medical and injury history. Part of the interview process is determining the type of footwear you use as well as your lifestyle and job. You see, while the process appears complicated, the idea of visiting a podiatrist is as simple as diagnosing the health of your feet.



In podiatry, managing and treating foot issues will vary, but for the most part, it’ll include that of physical therapy, the use of tools and instruments, ointment, as well as the prescription of shoe inserts. It is evident that podiatrist functions and works like the typical doctor; only this time, the focus is the foot and other parts near it. Podiatrists come with the training for them to qualify for providing health education intended for the prevention of foot problems. The knowledge these health care professionals can impart is beneficial for athletes, the elderly, disabled, and people with diabetes.


These days, you can see podiatrists in different settings, including community health centres, hospitals, clinics in private practice, sports medicine centres, nursing homes, and other places.


Although you may not feel the need to seek treatment from podiatry Adelaide – thesapodiatryclinic.com.au for the moment, you will soon realise that asking a podiatrist’s help is the one you need for your condition. The concept of podiatry includes that of helping people with their mobility and independence by way of effective prevention as well as management of foot issues. The podiatrist has the experience and qualification to handle the treatment of bone as well as joint disorders, neurological and circulatory issues, and muscular problems. The list of the conditions that a podiatrist can help you with includes:


–   Aching feet

–    Cracked heels

–    Heel spurs

–    Foot injuries

–    Athlete’s foot

–    Shin splints

–    Blisters

–    Thick and ingrown toenails

–    Fungal problems

–    Plantar warts

–    Corns and calluses


You also can visit a podiatrist if you need advice on the ideal type of athletic footwear to use, plus they also can help in dealing with foot-related issues in occupational health and safety concerns.