If you think the roof is an area of the home that cannot be bothered by pests more than harsh weather does, you’re in for a shocking surprise! Various kinds of pests have the power to annihilate roofing material such as shingles and wood parts slowly.


Many homeowners are unaware that creatures are waiting to penetrate the roof area and create homes in what should be one of the significant parts of a facility. Read on to find out what pests such as rodents and birds can do to your roofing.


Slate Chippers


Squirrels are some of the cutest animals there are. They’re fluffy and cuddly when they’re not squirrelling away nuts and seeds in your roof! However, wild squirrels have a dirty, little secret: they chew on the sheathing and chip away the roof slates.

If you notice chips on parts of your roof, consult with a reliable roofing contractor Adelaide right away to ensure that the damage will be fixed. Roofing experts recommend regular checks on shingles and other roofing material. They also suggest seeking assistance from pest controllers for prevention measures.


Raccoon Raid


Raccoons are observant animals that regularly visit poorly maintained roofing. This is especially true when they’re close to giving birth. They love weak roofing, and they will squeeze into small holes on the roof to create nesting areas for their babies to grow in.


Raccoons are also known to attack new roofing when they’re in a rush to raise their offspring. They have strong teeth that can dig into various kinds of roofing material so they can enter the attic. If you notice holes on your roof, call an expert roofing contractor Adelaide so the breaches can be remedied before the rainy season arrives.




It’s impossible, you may say. Birds are beautiful creatures; it’s almost unbelievable that they can cause major roofing problems. Unfortunately, they can.


Research has proven that birds eat food rich in acids. This means their droppings are acidic too, and this fact is bad news for your home. If there are numerous birds in your community that often nestle upon your roofing, it’s best to have your roof area checked regularly by a reliable roofing contractor.


The thing about bird droppings is these can cause rotting. Strong acids can stimulate rotting, especially on old roofs. Experts recommend constant cleaning tasks on the roof area to clean up bird droppings that could pose severe threats to the entire roof and roofing material.


The above animals can be cute and adorable when they’re trained. However, untrained animals can pass up as pests because they will do what they can to get inside your house and wreak havoc. Call a roofing expert today and schedule routine checks to ensure that your roof remains sturdy against pest attacks.



All of these problems can be avoided by using Colorbond steel roofing. They come in a wide array of colours. If you are having problems with your roof, it might be time to call and get the help of your local reliable roofing team.