Foot orthotics are especially prescription medical devices typically worn within the footwear to correct foot orthotic deficiencies resulting in biomechanical imbalances while walking, standing, or performing physical activity. Wearing foot orthotics aids in alleviating foot pain associated with various foot conditions, including bursitis, diabetic neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis. Foot orthotics, often called support shoes or orthotic inserts, are custom-made units crafted to fit your foot. They can provide the advantage of a better fit, less irritation to the foot, and reduce fatigue from extended wear. Below are a few of the many health benefits associated with foot orthotics.

Eliminate foot stress and pressure: When your feet feel tired, it is very easy to fall into the trap of doing too much instead of enough. The importance of resting your feet periodically cannot be emphasized enough. However, doing so too frequently can lead to painful cramping and other foot injuries. Custom orthotics in SA Podiatry orthotics Adelaide help alleviate this foot stress by increasing the amount of cushioning and support available to the arch and heel of the foot. This allows for a more natural and comfortable resting place for your feet and relieves pressure on the legs and feet. For those suffering from foot injuries, orthotic custom fits can help to decrease the length of time you are off your feet due to recovering from injury.

Strengthen the muscles surrounding the foot: One of the primary reasons for foot pain is muscle fatigue. Not only does muscle fatigue make the muscles stiff, it can also decrease circulation to the area around the foot, resulting in even further pain. Custom orthotics address these effects by allowing more circulation to the foot’s tissues, strengthening the muscles and providing additional support. Custom orthotics also support the weight of your toes and ankles, which can be an essential weight-loss tool. Strengthening the muscles around your foot can result in a reduction in swelling and a decrease in the severity of any foot pain or injury you may experience.

Improving shock absorption: Shock absorption is one of the most common reasons people visit their doctor and get orthopaedic treatment. Unfortunately, many shoe inserts and orthotic devices designed for footwear do not provide adequate shock absorption. This results in decreased energy efficiency, which further impacts how well you can walk and move around. Custom foot orthotics provide proper shock absorption by either increasing the space between your foot and the heel or adding additional insoles that are shaped to conform to the shape of your foot. These custom-fit shoe inserts or insoles reduce the impact your feet take on the ground while walking or running, which helps to prevent foot problems like varicose veins and shin splints.

Eliminating foot pain: Foot pain is the number one reason many people visit their doctor or search for effective foot care products. Custom and over-the-counter orthotics brace can help you improve foot pain by providing customized support to treat specific foot deformities. Depending on the type of foot deformity you have, orthotic braces can help prevent deformities, correct them, or relieve pain resulting from these foot problems.

Overall health: Improving your overall health depends on your ability to move comfortably. If you have tight hips, weak legs, or an improper alignment, your entire body is affected. Custom orthotic in SA Podiatry orthotics Adelaide inserts or cushioned shoe inserts can improve joint movement, reduce stress on joints and muscles, and improve overall body strength. This includes improving joint and muscle strength around the foot. This helps prevent bunions, corns and calluses, knee pain, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis.