With the wide variety of styles and designs in fabric, today’s women have it easy to dress up a practical and straightforward silk dress with a little sparkle and glamour. From an everyday office appearance to intimate night fit and everything in between; having your collection of top 10 best silk dresses for women is your weekly top tip.

From the casual office look to that sultry, silk cocktail dress for that special night out, to that elegant formal evening fit; take your best selection of silk dresses for women and how to wear them today. Silk has been the most elegant material known to man since time immemorial and can be easily tailored to be whatever you want, and what you like. Top 10 top edits of the best silk dresses for women are instantly raised from once old and simple silk lingerie basics to a sultry, sizzling sartorial fashion staple.

Whether you are looking for a silk evening dress for a wedding, for a prom, or to look amazing on the dance floor, there is a wide range of options to choose from at Saint Garde Silk Laundry. The good idea is to take your time and shop around until you find the one that will be comfortable and fit well. The best thing to do when shopping for silk dress is to try them on so you can see what you will look like in them and determine how they feel on your body.

Many of today’s clothes made of silk are specially tailored for slimming and will make you look leaner. An excellent way to get that slimming effect without wearing a corset is to add a layer of undergarments over your bust area. If you are unsure about whether or not you will like the way the dress fits over your bust, then make sure you try it on as well as you shop for it.

When you are considering what type of silk dresses to wear for that special night out, you need to think about what the evening you are planning on attending will require of you. While most silk evening gowns are suitable for many occasions, some will work better than others for particular events. If you want that glamorous sparkle and glamour, but don’t want to end up looking clingy; you may want to go for a satin or silk dress.

In terms of fit, the evening dress should be well fitted but not too tight. The neckline of the dress needs to be smooth, so it doesn’t give the appearance that you are wearing a strapless dress, and the skirt and blouse should be long enough to flatter your figure. Some of the silk evening gowns also come with lace detail or beaded trims on the bodice and hem. The hemline of the dress should be at least an inch above your ankle when you have heels.

A dress that is a bit on the shapelier side will give you a sexy and feminine look. Look for dresses with a plunging neckline and a low cut back, and if you are short and lean, you might want to opt for dresses with a little flare. Silk should not look frumpy; instead, look for silk and lace or ruffles on the hem and hemline, and you should be able to see the outline of your legs in the dress.

For a little extra sparkle, look for a silk gown from Saint Garde Silk Laundry that is made of pure silk, instead of a blend. It will give you a beautiful look, and a little sexiness while adding a dash of glamour, and elegance to your look.