SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, has changed the way businesses sell and market. SEO is very special in that it is quite different from traditional marketing practices. As a result, not only is the SEO field expanding, so too is the number of people employed in this field, which is expected to reach nearly 500 thousand by 2021.

Marketing on the internet is becoming a necessity due to the explosive growth of online businesses. Internet marketing is a broad term that includes many activities such as web content marketing optimisation, link building, blogging, and social media marketing. To succeed, many marketers use several tactics. One way that many uses are through SEO or search engine optimisation. However, SEO is so much more than applying just a few tactics.

When creating an online marketing strategy, mistakes are an easy thing to make. If you’re not an experienced SEO Adelaide specialist, mistakes can be costly. Many new marketers are seduced by shortcuts, leading them to cut corners, lower page rankings, or worse. However, some basic SEO strategies cannot be ignored. These include proper meta tags, keyword optimisation, content creation, keyword extraction, keyword placement, and backlinking.

The first step to achieve the desired rank is to create a good SEO strategy. This strategy should be logical, but most importantly, it must be well-planned. For instance, if a site is about dog training, the title and URL should incorporate keywords related to dog training. In addition, for a site to achieve a high ranking, it should be regularly monitored. Regular monitoring ensures that the SEO strategy being implemented is still effective and working.

After the site has been created, it should be thoroughly checked by a professional SEO consultant. Keyword optimisation should start at the title tags and throughout the page. A keyword analysis tool can be used, such as Google External Keyword Tool, and SEO firms often utilise tools such as these. The keywords in the title tag must be relevant to the contents of the page. For example, if a site were to sell pet supplies, the title tag would state the keyword ‘pet supplies.’

Another common mistake is ignoring conversion optimisation. Search engines look at a site’s internal and external links before providing rankings. Conversion optimisation includes internal and external links, meta tags, images, and other forms of SEO. Therefore, even if a site does not have any outgoing links, the search engine ranking may be low due to this type of SEO.

If you are a newbie or someone who has little SEO knowledge, most people would advise you to hire an SEO Adelaide firm or a company with a solid track record to handle your SEO needs. However, many online marketers are turning to freelance SEO services because they do not adhere to the same guidelines and hiring professionals can cut expenses. Freelance SEO specialists are more experienced in creating dynamic websites. They understand how search engines work, what users are looking for, what they expect to see and how to make a website appealing to online users through keyword optimisation and other methods. While most marketers think that hiring an SEO firm is more expensive, they are less costly than hiring an SEO freelancer for quality and focus.

To avoid making the same digital marketing mistakes, you must identify the problems plaguing your business and research them thoroughly. Next, figure out what the best solution is to your problem. Last, find an SEO specialist who will analyse your situation and come up with the right solution. Avoiding all of these digital marketing pitfalls will help your company rank much higher than you are right now.