Do you remember the TENS machine from the old television commercials? You can still see them on YouTube and other video sharing sites. The idea behind TENS machines is simple: a small device plugged into an electric socket produces short bursts of moderate electrical pulses. These pulses are supposed to relax muscles and help you sleep. In addition, they are often given the claim that they can stop or reduce the pain caused by spasms, sprains, and other body injuries. Many people who use them claim to have experienced pain relief, although many more report no change in their condition.

Please note that the electrodes used to generate the short bursts of electricity need to be placed directly on the skin (permanent electrode pads are available). Avoid using portable TENS machines that come with the pads, as these can result in skin abrasion and even scarring. Also, it’s very important to make sure that your child isn’t using the TENS machine while washing the dishes or performing other household tasks as the static can damage the skin and lead to electrical fires.

Top 10 Advantages of a TENS Machine For Back Pain and Other ProblemsBecause the purpose of the TENS machine is to relax and decrease muscle tension, ZoeTech TENS unit works through the use of very tiny electrical impulses rather than heating the muscles as a heating pad does. The electrical signals are delivered to the spinal cord through electrodes that are firmly pressed into the skin. By sending “pain signals” to the spinal cord, the machine can help to relieve pain and control muscle spasms. The electrical signals travel up the spinal cord to the brain to interpret and send pain signals to the nerves.

The application of a TENS machine has a wide range of applications. In addition to treating pain and relaxing muscles, many people use them to relieve depression and sleep disorders. TENS machines have also shown promise as an alternative form of medicine. Doctors who have approved the use of TENS machines say that the tiny electrical impulses that they send to the brain are exact. This allows doctors to pinpoint precisely which area in the body is causing the patient’s symptoms.

Another good use for a TENS machine is to treat injuries and broken skin. Injuries may include broken skin on the hands or feet, which can be very painful when left untreated. TENS machines can be used to apply treatment right on-site without the use of topical pain medications. If a patient feels any numbness or tingling sensation, they should immediately contact their doctor. The doctor will need to perform a more detailed examination to determine if the damaged tissue is broken skin or some other damage.

Another great advantage of using ZoeTech TENS unit is that anyone can use it. They can be purchased online or in stores and they are affordable. The best place to find out more about TENS machines is through the internet. There are thousands of different models that doctors can recommend and use the internet, patients can read user reviews to learn about the types of pain treatment they experience and can compare price rates between different retailers.