4WD Tuning and Diagnostics Specialists

A specialist in 4WD tuning and diagnostics, 4×4 Obsession can diagnose complex engine problems and increase the power and efficiency of your 4WD engine. As a result, their customers benefit from a 4WD engine working to its optimum. Read on to learn more about what these professionals can do for your vehicle. If you’re considering tuning your 4WD yourself, don’t hesitate to contact them.

4WD tuning AdelaideRD Technik

RD Technik specialises in performance tuning for your four-wheel-drive vehicle. They write the programme to your ECU and load it back into your vehicle. They then perform another Dyno run, upload the data from the previous run, and continue the process. Depending on the tuning you need, this can take two to three Dyno runs or even more. You can opt for a Tarmac or Revo tune if you want more performance.

Automotive Excellence

There are several ways to boost your vehicle’s performance. You can start by adjusting the torque and rpm. These two settings are essential for maximising the performance of your vehicle. After adjusting these settings, you can perform more aggressive performance-tuning and enjoy the performance benefits of a better-tuned vehicle. For more tips, visit our Automotive Excellence article. Then, read on to learn how to boost your 4WD!

API Tuning

If you are looking for a great 4WD tuning Adelaide experience, API has many packages for you to choose from. Most tuning packages start at $600. It is quite a savings over an average full tune, so investing in your 4WD’s performance is worth it. In addition to ensuring optimal fuel mileage, API tuning will improve your vehicle’s overall performance and increase its longevity. You’ll save money on fuel, maintenance, and repairs, too.

NZ Performance Tuning

If you want to enhance the performance of your 4WD vehicle, then NZ Performance Tuning is the perfect option. This company is based in New Zealand and provides tuning services for petrol and diesel vehicles. You can choose from various services, including tuning, general mechanical, and electronics. It also offers 4×4 accessories, fuel injection, and diesel power upgrades. In addition, the team can customise your vehicle to meet your needs. NZ Performance Tuning aims to offer the most comprehensive 4WD tuning services available.

The company has been in business for 12 years and has amassed vast amounts of data across various vehicles. It is an expert in the field of performance tuning. However, don’t confuse performance tuning with ‘chipping’, wherein experts fit a chip into a vehicle’s engine. It is an entirely different process. Tuning works with the vehicle’s computer system, downloading and adjusting factory settings. With the help of NZ Performance Tuning, your 4WD will perform better, improve fuel economy, and respond more quickly to turbochargers.


Superchips offers a wide range of in-cab performance tuners, and the Dashpaq is one of these. The new in-cab tuner has a button interface and provides custom tunes, power levels, aftermarket tires, and gears. It also lets you monitor engine parameters and is compatible with a back camera and custom dash pods. Dashpaq is currently available for Ford gas engines, including the 4.3L and 6.0L.

The Dashpaq is easy to use and plugs right into your vehicle’s OBD2 port. It has countless tuning options, including performance benchmarks, real-time monitoring, and performance tuning. The starter kits come with software already installed. Dashpaq also offers an extensive app store with numerous applications. There are also starter kits available for those who want to get started. Once you’ve installed the Dashpaq, you can use its countless features to tune your vehicle.

Dashpaq touchscreen display

Dashpaq is designed to cover the 4.3L to 8.1L gas engines in today’s vehicles. Its unique colour screen and button interface make it easy to operate, and it also provides an in-cab monitor for crucial engine parameters. This in-cab monitor helps you optimise power across the RPM range, improve fuel mileage, and increase towing power. In addition, the intuitive menu structure and controls will help you find the exact settings you need to optimise your vehicle’s performance.