How to Choose the Right Vertical Blinds for Your Home

If you’re in the market for new vertical blinds Adelaide for your home, many different options are available. From chains to replacement vanes, there’s sure to be one that fits your home’s aesthetic. So we’ve put together this guide to help you choose the right one. You’ll be able to select the best type for your needs and customise them to fit your unique design. But what if you want to customise them further? 


If you have trouble installing your BettaBlinds vertical blinds, you may not determine which vanes to replace. Most of the time, the vanes of vertical blinds break where they attach to the top of the headrail. Fortunately, you can purchase replacement slats at the time of purchase or request extra vanes when placing your order. Here are some tips for installing vertical blinds with new vanes.

The vanes of vertical blinds usually break at the punch-hole where they are attached to the headrail. The easiest way to replace broken or torn vanes is to use a vane saver. Slide a flat thin object such as a credit card up the vane’s hook side and slide it down to release it. Vane savers can also be used to save vertical blind vanes. These products clip over a broken or torn vinyl vertical blind vane.


The cheapest way to repair your vertical blinds is to replace the slats. There are many fabrics available that you can choose from and widths ranging from 89mm to 127mm. Slats are available with sewn tops and bottoms and come with white, cream, or black chains to hang them from. You can also add a decorative string between slats to create a unique pattern.

Slats for vertical blinds can be cut to length: inside the window frame and the outside. You can purchase replacement slats from home depot or other places online. To shorten your vertical blinds, subtract 0.5 to 1 cm from the total width of the track. You can then measure the width of your window frame and use the measurement to buy replacement slats.


Vertical blind chains are the backbone of your vertical blind system. They do the blind work properly, provide privacy, and prevent sun damage. They are also easy to install. You can find replacement chains for different lengths and different types of blinds. For instance, a 3-metre chain is suitable for blinds with 127mm blades. In addition, you can easily replace a broken chain by purchasing a replacement chain online. Here are some tips for choosing the right chain type for your vertical blind.

Replacement vanes

If you have a damaged vertical blind or need a slat, replacing a vane may be easier. These replacement slats are generally made of 100% vinyl and are safe for home and office use. The 3.5-inch slat has crown-shaped vanes that fit any existing track. They are also UV-resistant and easy to clean. To replace a single vane, follow these steps:

BettaBlinds vertical blinds can be tricky to repair because the vanes often break where they attach to the carrier on the headrail. The material and thickness of the slats also impact the longevity of the vertical blind. Because of these differences, vanes vary in price. Three 1/2-inch vanes are industry standard. You can choose from many types of materials for your vertical blinds. Fortunately, replacing individual vans is much less expensive than replacing the entire blind.


You can make cleaning your vertical blinds an enjoyable task by following easy steps. The most basic step to cleaning your blinds is dusting. It will prevent dirt from settling on the fabric, leading to permanent damage. Sunlight and lemon juice can also remove mildew and dirt. Next, use a cleaning solution that is pH neutral and gentle on the blinds. Finally, you should avoid using any cleaning solution that contains chemicals, as this will damage the blinds’ fabric.