Have you got an older adult living with you at home? Ever wonder how you could give him or her the gift of mobility and some sense of freedom? Find Gophers Adelaide!


Bear in mind that your precious senior can have some physical restrictions on movements, due to joint pain, bone weakness or problems with the nerves. These are common with age, and no one can deny, but electric mobility scooters can provide tremendous help.


What are these mobility scooters?


Scooters are small vehicles that are great to drive around in. As we all know, this is not a new technology. But in this case, they are like mobility chairs, which can accommodate a person with reduced mobility and give him the happiness of moving freely through its agile wheels.

Find Gophers AdelaideBut how do you choose the best mobility scooters or otherwise known as gophers for your super seniors? Find Gophers Adelaide and get one!


On the market, there are many types of mobility scooters, competing side by side and claiming they are the best of the lot. But you have to be very specific about the fact that it facilitates mobility.


Here are some basic features:


  • Is a scooter comfortable enough for your senior’s back while you are driving in it?


Start by checking if your senior member finds the mobility chair comfortable enough. If you encounter a problem while straightening up, move on quickly to another one. If the sitting posture is not relaxed, the race will be well below the level of comfort. There are many mobility scooters with soft, upholstered backrests and armrests. Try to choose something from this lot. A wise decision based on your needs will surely deliver the best vehicle for your needs.


  • Scooter Controls


If such a person cannot use the navigation handles of scooters, mobility is impossible. Consider the older person’s ability to reach and use the scooter’s controls effectively. If the flexibility or dexterity of the hands or fingers is less than average, managing mobility may be catastrophically incompatible. Opt for the best mobility scooters that can be easily configured by a joystick. Therefore, the operator can substantially drive the scooter just by using one hand.



  • How much weight can you wear?


Weight is not always a problem because full-mobility scooters are quite capable of maintaining a standard weight range. But if the load is in an XXL range, then it is wise to check the resistance of these wheels first. Some scooters are also pretty sturdy because they can easily carry an oxygen cylinder for those that need it. So, if your loved one requires an external oxygen supply, these types of scooters are the best ones to have.


Look for these primary attributes and spot the perfect electric mobility scooters for your senior member. You’ll love it when your senior takes back his or her mobility.