Choosing a lawyer is something that no one can attest to be an expert at because not a single person out there would want to find themselves in legal trouble. Nonetheless, the fact that you are here reading this suggests that you are now embroiled in some legal issue and you’ve got no other choice but to seek legal advice and maybe representation.

Fortunately, finding the ideal Lawfirm – is not as tricky as you probably think. If you have the knowledge and information on how you do that, then it’s a walk in the park. Keep in mind though there are lots of law firms and lawyers you can find, you cannot guarantee that everyone you meet is good enough to represent and fight for your rights on the negotiation table or in court.

Your focus is to conduct interviews of your prospects. A lawyer may have passed the bar examination, but it is not a guarantee of his or her ability. The only practical means of figuring out that they can represent you is by talking to them and weighing in their answers. There are several questions you must ask, including:

  • How long have they been practising law?
  • Can they provide some figures for their track record of success?
  • Do they have experience in handling cases like what you are facing right now?
  • Can they show you proof of their certifications, education, and special skills?
  • How do they charge clients?
  • Do they carry insurance for malpractice?

Moreover, it is critical that you ask the prospective Lawfirm – if they make a habit of outsourcing legal tasks and functions. Although some law firms like to do it to streamline the process and to cater to as many clients as possible, it may not be in your best interests, especially if the people they delegate the job to are not legal professionals.

Be reminded as well that higher fees do not necessarily mean that you are working with the best and competent lawyers. As mentioned earlier, you must conduct interviews in person to see firsthand if you are dealing with prospects. Also, some lawyers and firms out there are renowned all over Australia for being one of the best, and they ask for a premium fee. Since you want to be represented by the best, you go the extra mile to hire them, only to realise that they cannot give you the attention and time you deserve. There even is a chance that you end losing a case or litigation because the law firm you hired couldn’t address your need for representation.

Finally, before you hire a lawyer, be sure you conduct a background check and focus on malpractice complaints and other issues. You do not want someone who has a bad temper or who is corrupt to be representing you.