Even the smallest OutscapeConstructions landscaping Adelaide projects can seem daunting. Which plants should I use? How am I going to layout my beds? What should I keep and what should I throw away? Like any other project out there, dividing your landscaping into smaller parts will make your task easier. With that said, we’ve compiled the top ten Dos and Don’ts of landscaping to help you effectively execute this project without any second thoughts.



  1. DON’T start without proper planning. Selecting plants because they ‘look pretty’ will lead to an over-accumulation of plants.
  2. DO consider the long-term scenario for your landscape. Keep in mind that plants, most notably trees, tend to grow. So always consider the size of a plant at maturity before you start planting.
  3. DON’T be afraid to pull out overgrown shrubs and trees. Wild plants can potentially crowd your house, obscure the view from your windows, and attract home maintenance problems like wood rot and insects.
  4. DO decide where you’ll spend your money. Buying the smaller size of fast-growing plants will let you spend more on more prominent, slower-growing plants.
  5. DON’T always look at your goals in a straight line. Although a straight line is the quickest way from point A to B, you’re going to end up with a generic OutscapeConstructions landscaping Adelaide design. Instead, work your way and squeeze your imagination more.
  6. DO think about your curb appeal. With the increased popularity of outdoor living space, the backyard is getting a lot of attention. However, it’s the front yard that everyone sees first. Keep in mind that money that’s spent on curb appeal is always a good investment.
  7. DON’T create any unnecessary complications. A well-done landscape is a beauty to behold. However, overdoing it will turn that dream landscape into a nightmare. Always asses everything and try not to overdo it.
  8. DO plan for a low-maintenance landscape. If you have limited time, it doesn’t make sense to create a landscape design that requires constant maintenance. Instead, you should opt for a low-maintenance landscape that doesn’t take up much of your time.
  9. DON’T think in singles. A single plant can potentially get lost in your garden. That’s why you should think multiples – preferably in odd numbers. Also, creating swaths of colour will increase the visual impact while reducing maintenance.
  10. DO remove weeds. If you overlook them, they will keep multiplying even before you notice it. Take a little chunk of your time each week to pull weeds that have popped up. It may be a lot of work, but it will pay off for the long term.


By considering these top ten do’s and don’ts by OutscapeConstructions landscaping Adelaide,  you will come up with the best garden landscaping design that will provide nothing but beauty and convenience to you. Sign up now for our online newsletter and get weekly gardening and landscaping updates straight to your email.