When we talk about women’s essential footwear, we immediately think about high heels and step-ins. However, only the real shoe lovers know that espadrilles are among the vital must-haves in women’s shoes. It’s a versatile type of thick sandals that can be worn for any kind of occasion or event. Learn more about espadrilles as we will discuss three good reasons why you should have at least one pair of this fantastic footwear.


Apart from its visibly stylish features, espadrilles are also very comfortable to the feet. Featuring a high-quality design, this pair of women’s shoes promote fashion, style, and extreme comfortability. These the features that every woman looks for in all of their footwear. Besides, espadrilles also come in different designs and shapes. That will ensure that there will always be one that you will find attractive. So, if you’re looking to have a great time while wearing some excellent-quality shoes, make sure you add espadrilles to your collection.

Eco-friendly Option

There are only a few shoes that offer eco-friendly features. Espadrilles are one of them. In fact, the act of wearing one is already considered an environmental practice to several states in Australia and other parts of the world. The reason is due to its extremely ecological impact. This type of shoe is made with all-natural materials and components, ensuring that you’re promoting the restoration and preservation of nature and the environment.

At the same time, you’ll also have a beautiful and elegant pair of shoes that will turn any heads whenever you pass by them. In addition, they also come in different fabrics, design, and colour. To further strengthen this case as eco-friendly footwear, it’s also manufactured without any application of hazardous chemicals that can cause harm to the environment.


Keep Your Feet Fresh and Odour-free

Finally, espadrilles are also made of a variety of materials that prevent your feet from acquiring foul odour. It has properties on the sole that keep your feet fresh for as long as you’re wearing it. So, even if you wear them all day long, your feet will still smell fresh as ever. No matter if you’re wearing socks or not (who wears socks in espadrilles, anyway?) this shoe will keep your feet clean. That way, your confidence level won’t diminish even when you take it off.

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