An audiometry exam is often a painless, convenient hearing test that measures an individual’s ability to perceive different sounds, pitches, or frequency levels. Audiometers are often used to gauge the ability of individuals to comprehend spoken words, make short lists of words or phrases, and identify sounds made by the spoken word. A patient undergoing audiometry may also be advised to perform other self-tests to verify their hearing status before having their hearing test. Individuals most commonly use audiometry tests with hearing difficulties to assess their level of hearing and their ability to distinguish sounds and the difference between noises. Other audiometric exams may include visual field tests, which examine the ability of the eye to detect light and object recognition tests.

Many audiologists perform audiometry tests on an outpatient basis. In general, patients can expect the process to take approximately two hours, with no overnight accommodations. Most audiologists recommend that patients arrive several hours early for their appointment to prepare mentally for the exam. Patients should arrive relaxed and prepared for the audiometry exam. They should also dress comfortably and be aware of the environment during the test, so they do not become distracted.

Before the audiometry test, the individual will be instructed to look for during the exam and focus their attention accordingly. During the hearing test in hearing test Adelaide, no background noise will be present. This means that the patient will not be able to tune into the background noise of the audiologist or any other noise that will be present while they are listening to the sound. Pure tone audiometry usually utilizes a microphone to track the individual’s responses to the sound.

Pure tone audiometry tests are most commonly used in the field of ophthalmology. Ophthalmologists use this testing method to diagnose and treat vision disorders, including glaucoma and retinal detachment. Audiologists also perform audiometry tests on individuals who have experienced a recent loss of hearing or who are experiencing some resistance to hearing. Individuals may have experienced hearing loss due to head trauma, exposure to loud noise, or an infection in the inner ear.

Individuals who have experienced a recent loss of hearing or experiencing resistance to sound may find that performing a hearing test using a pair of earplugs is very helpful. Earphones are worn during a hearing test, and the audiologist will play certain sound waves to each ear. If there are louder sounds in one ear than the other, then the wearer will notice that the sound is not being heard clearly in one ear but can be heard well in the other. Earphones are especially helpful if an individual must wear protective gear for a physical work situation, such as construction workers or athletes.

If a hearing loss is present, you must visit an audiologist in hearing test Adelaide as soon as possible. Often, detecting hearing loss sooner rather than later can help to prevent further hearing damage. When in doubt, it is always best to consult with a professional before taking any self-diagnosis or treatment. A hearing test is the first step towards receiving appropriate treatment.